Poster Upload Instructions

The poster site will already be populated with your  poster session, poster title, name, institution, and email.  You will be able to upload other information as needed. 

Invited presenters will receive an invitation from Virtual Poster Session. Using the invitation email, you can log into your presentation. You should save this email for all future log ins.

When you log in, you will see your Dashboard, which should have your paper title. To edit your proposal, click on the title of your presentation.


This will open a form where you can edit attributes of your presentation and upload your poster. We ask that you add:

  • Your abstract

  • A link to the ZOOM session for your poster panel[*]. 

  • A few hashtags related to your poster.

  • Your poster.


You can upload these at any time. Remember to save your progress using the “Submit” button. 

[*]This will be supplied by us before the conference.